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wondering if I’m getting google analytics to work right??

27 2 / 2013

25 8 / 2012

Summer is quickly coming to a close in Seattle… this is evident when you have to break out the boots you wear twice a week, 9 months of the year.  Luckily though, this has been one of the best summers, one for the books let’s say.

It started with a move into a bigger condo… just 5 blocks down the road, but a beautiful building, more space in the condo, and closer to work for all. (Let’s all be jealous of the boyfriend’s 7 minute, door-to-door, walk to work, shall we?)

We’ve spent countless hours on Winderlee (the sailboat we pretend we own— Thanks R&K!), including Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, birthdays, and of course, Tuesday evening Duck Dodges.

We were also fortunate enough to have the boyfriend’s mom come to visit, after having not seen her for over a year.  This included shopping trips, lots of wine drinking, whale watching, good food, and general shenanigans.  I am very blessed to be great friends with her.  I wish everyone had the same relationship with their in-laws.

There’s also the news of starting to convince Kansans to move here.. The boyfriend got one of his old colleagues to pack it up & join the ranks of the pacific northwest transplants… including gortex shopping sprees & learning to love seafood.

Sitting in a brand new Boxster S with the boyfriend

This past weekend we got a really cool opportunity through our building to test race Porsches.  This involved driving 6 different Porsches, in 3 different settings, inlcuding a 2.2 mile race track in a lead-follow setup.  It should be no surprise that I ntow really want a Carrera S. Oh man the power that beauty has.

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soooo…. pretty please vote for my photo and send Z & me to Cabo for 5 days.  We’ve been together for closing in on 3 years now & have yet to go on a vacation that did not involve family, driving, or job/house hunting. Basically, we haven’t been on a REAL vacation yet.  I neeeed to go on a vacation & this is exactly the kind of trip we’ve been looking at.  Just click on the link & vote for our photo. It’s super easy!  (bribes are totally acceptable)

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The owl collection at work is growing. I’m thankful for my little beauties. They make me smile. whooo, whooo!

The owl collection at work is growing. I’m thankful for my little beauties. They make me smile. whooo, whooo!

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This is what my diet consists of for the next 2 weeks.

This is what my diet consists of for the next 2 weeks.

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"i suppose there are people who can pass up free guacamole, but they’re either allergic to avocado or too joyless to live."

Frank Bruni in Born Round. (via edatrix)

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gdgt came to Seattle on Friday night with over 30 sponsors listed, this trumped everything on the boyfriend’s list of things to do on a Friday night.  Being the geek I truly am, I jumped on the excitement train as well, quickly reserved tickets & made plans to grab dinner at Japonessa beforehand. (Hello all day long happy hour to celebrate their anniversary! *side note: we’re cheapskates whenever possible.)

Standing in line outside the Showbox SODO was kinda exciting.  *There’s a line!?  It must be packed! we thought to ourselves.  Then we joked around about how funny it was that the door guy had to go get another door guy to look at our Kansas IDs (the 2nd one was from Wichita).  I guess it’s time to finally be real Washington residents and get a Washington state ID.

But once we got inside and looked around, excitement quickly turned to disappointment.  Yes, we got pretty cool free gdgt t-shirts (in our sizes! hooray for a variety of sizes of free t-shirts!), but the vendors/sponsors did not bring their A-game this time around.  WHY NOT?

[Now, I should quickly mention that I don’t fault gdgt for this at all.  The only thing they could have done better was to bring more people in or use a smaller venue, because the perception of a full venue does wonders for guests’ perception of how well an event goes.]

As we walked by the tables, nothing really drew us in that much.  AT&T did a pretty good job showing us about a new commercial they are shooting that uses a white box & old phones people donate to soliders.  Logitech even did a great job getting us to like them on facebook (great use of incentivizing your customers offline with in person coupons).  But nothing really compelled us to want to learn more, or more importantly, buy something on the spot (even though there were event only discounts scattered around the room).

The only thing that really blew me away was the Windows Phone table.  Whoa, wait you say?  Me, the apple fanatic, iPhone sugically attached to my hands, would probably name my dog Wozi, girl, impressed by a Windows phone?!  It’s true.

What really blew me away though was the customer service the people running the table delivered.  

All night, the table was packed with eager nerds, anxious to see Mango in action.  And who could blame them?  But the tables weren’t big enough or setup well enough for more than a couple of people to really interact with the phones.  So while we were milling around waiting to get our hands on a phone, one of the guys walked up to us & asked if we had any questions.  Z quickly said, “no, we just want to play with one of the phones & check out mango.”  This guy could have said okay and left us to wait.  INSTEAD, he whipped out his own personal phone (which already had Mango on it), and proceeded to give us a personalized demonstration of the new system, pointing out features that we both would use frequently. 

He showed me how integrated many different social media tools & platforms are with the operating system of the phone & how easy it is to check up on friends & family, seamlessly, across networks.

And for Z, he showed off their gaming systems, integration with xbox live.  What I was really impressed with was how he personalized his demonstration to our interests & how instead of making us wait around for demo phones, he just used his personal phone, with his personal information on it.  And it’s actually a really good system.  Almost makes me consider switching.

For that gdgt was worth going.

However, all the other companies need to really get their butts in gear when it comes to marketing to their consumers.  When you have a captive audience begging to try out your products, you should have the best, most passionate people demoing your products.  They represent your brand & will ultimately impact the way consumers make their decisions.  Also, don’t just have a simple table with a couple of demo devices on it.  Consumers deserve an interactive, personalized experience.  It doesn’t have to be fancy with lots of smoke and mirrors.  A simple demonstration on a personal phone blew me away, because the way the Windows phone guy interacted with us made me feel like there was no one else in the room, let alone at the table waiting for a a chance to play.

Make every customer feel like this every time.  With more and more information available to consumers when making decisions about where to spend their dollars, relationships & respect are going to go a long way with where they choose to spend their money.

Now, I’m actually going to give another phone some consideration & while Windows hasn’t convinced me to switch yet, this first step of catching my attention is a big one.  Good on you Windows phone team!

edit: It seems like everyone else & the Seattle PI agree with me. (photo credit: Sang Cho/seattlepi.com)

05 7 / 2011

Instead of crafting the perfect blog post today, I did this.  And it was pretty awesome.

[side note]: This is Duck Dodge, a sailing race on Lake Union in Seattle, WA. We compete every week and almost always come in “14th” place, but we love it.  The theme this week was Prom Night!

Instead of crafting the perfect blog post today, I did this.  And it was pretty awesome.

[side note]: This is Duck Dodge, a sailing race on Lake Union in Seattle, WA. We compete every week and almost always come in “14th” place, but we love it.  The theme this week was Prom Night!

02 7 / 2011

Fish Tacos

Being from California and growing up on Mexican food, I’m even surprised that I’ve never had fish tacos.  All of a sudden last night, I was craving them! (Maybe it was the combination of the SWIM theme & the gorgeous weather seattle is finally having) I haven’t had any yet, but I’ve started looking around for recipes and restauarants to try them at.

A few things I’ve decided on/learned.  

  • Need to try both battered and grilled.
  • Apparently the white sauce is very, very important.
  • Cabbage, never lettuce
  • Avocado or guac or pico de gallo, but a mango pico sounds good too!

What are your favorite kind of fish tacos? Do you have a favorite make at home recipe?

For now, I’m going to make up some ravioli that’s been sitting in the fridge instead. :(